Bach, Actus tragicus, 'Gottes Zeit', Gamba parts transcribed for cellos, in Eb, BWV 106

Alternative title Actus tragicus
ComposerJohann Sebastian Bach
PublisherElizabeth Thompson
Genre Classical / Cantata
Instrumentation Cello
Type of scoreScore for two performers
Key E flat major
This part allows one to substitute cellos for gambas in Cantata 106 by re-writing the various C-clefs into a cello-usable format. No notes have been changed, only clefs. Gamba I is here written in the treble and tenor clefs. Gamba II is here written in the tenor and bass clefs. The edition replicates the Breitkopf plates from the BGA. The parts are in the key of Eb.

Upload date: 08 Nov 2013